Semi-Interactive Console (SIC)

​Semi-Interactive Console (SIC)

Welcome to the Semi-Interactive Console (SIC) Questions Page!

The simulation questions shown below include a patented semi-interactive ultrasound machine console that is currently featured in the Sonography Principles and Instrumentation (SPI) examination.

For more information on the Semi-Interactive Console, please review the Semi-Interactive Console Tutorial video. You will also have an opportunity to review the Semi-Interactive Console Tutorial video at the testing center (without audio) before starting the exam.

Getting Started on the Semi-Interactive Console

The questions below are accurate examples of the items that are featured on the SPI examination. The “Problem Statement” or question for each item is located at the bottom of each image. Use your mouse to select the controls on the simulated console to answer each problem statement. Once you have answered each question, please view the answer at the bottom of the page to confirm if the correct adjustment(s) have been made.

Click here to follow the Semi-Interactive Console Layout and Instructions Manual as you navigate this console.

In order to view the SIC practice questions, please make sure the computer that you’re working on has the following components:     

• Internet Explorer 8 or newer installed (Click here to download).

Should any of the images below fail to load correctly on your PC, please clear out your cache and re-open the page. If you still experience problems with loading the images, please email

Scoring Semi-Interactive Console Items

Groups of expert sonographers, clinicians and physicists have evaluated each Semi-Interactive Console (SIC) item, and they have agreed upon console settings that are the best combination to answer the question. For some settings, a range of console settings is allowed to account for individual preferences in image display; such preferences will not impact your score. Adjustments that would degrade the image or violate the ALARA principle will result in a reduced score for the item, even if the correct adjustment has been made.

Full credit for a SIC question is a score of 2. Making the required adjustment, but also making adjustments that degrade the image, results in a score of 1. Making adjustments that a sonographer should not perform results in a zero score.

 ‭(Hidden)‬ SIC 1-1

 SIC 1-2

 SIC 1-3

 SIC 1-6

 Answer Key

SIC 1-2 :  Gain 75% or 50%


SIC 1-3 :  Transducer Frequency 8 MHz


SIC 1-6 :  Color Velocity scale 28/-28 or 44/-44