Additional Facts About the ARDMS Recertification Program

​In 2017 ARDMS announced​ a pause to the recertification program.  As of August 2018, the recertification pause is still in effect until further notice.  The maintenance of certification components that include the annual attestation of good standing, renewal fee and CME attainment/audit are still required to uphold the RDMS, RDCS, RVT and RMSKS credentials.

ARDMS and its volunteer task force of fellow Registrants are taking the time necessary to further study recertification program options, evaluate best practices, listen to the Registrant community and assure the recertification requirements stipulated by our accreditation agencies (ISO/ANSI) are met.   ​

The objectives of a recertification program are to:

     •​​ Reinforce the high professional standards associated with ARDMS Registrants;

     •​​ ​Strengthen the sonography profession;

     •​​ Reconfirm current-day knowledge;

     •​​ ​Sustain the value of the credentials; and

     •​​ Uphold the commitment to quality care and patient safety. 

 The ARDMS Recertification Task Force will provide its next update in March 2019.


Additional Facts About the ARDMS Recertification Program: 

     •​​ In 2017 ARDMS announced a pause to the recertification program until further notice.

     •​​ ​ARDMS credentials* are accredited by ISO/ANSI and are required to implement a recertification process.
       The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and its official U.S. representative, the American
       National Standards Institute (ANSI), are non-government and non-profit organizations dedicated to setting
       voluntary quality standards.  ISO/ANSI standards help ensure consistent global business practices,
       adherence to safety protocols, corporate/organizational integrity and ultimately the safety and health of
       consumers and the protection of the environment.  ARDMS was the first certifying organization to earn the
       ISO/ANSI 17024 accreditation for certifying bodies.  In earning this accreditation, ARDMS further
       distinguished itself as a leader in the certification field and its programs as being of high caliber and of
       global significance.  

     •​​ ​The ARDMS Recertification Task Force, comprised of volunteer ARDMS Registrants from diverse backgrounds,
assembled in May 2018 to continue to study best practices and explore new recertification options.

     •​​ ARDMS remains committed to developing a recertification program that reinforces the high professional
       standards associated with ARDMS Registrants, strengthens the sonography profession, reconfirms
day knowledge, sustains the value of the credentials and upholds the commitment to quality care and
       patient safety.   

     •​​ ARDMS is a non-profit organization that is proud of its nearly 45-year history of credentialing and serving
       the sonographer community.  ARDMS fulfills its non-profit mission through the work and care sonographers
       provide to patients every day.

     •​​ ​The ARDMS Recertification Task Force will provide its next update in March 2019.

*The RDMS, RDCS and RVT credentialing programs are accredited by ANSI to the ISO 17024 standard for organizations that certify personnel. The RMSKS certification is currently seeking accreditation.