ARDMS Compliance

The Compliance Department is responsible for:
     • Investigating suspected violations of ARDMS Compliance Policies 
     • Answering compliance-related questions 
     • Providing reasonable testing accommodations in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act      
       (ADA) and Applicant's requests

If you suspect or have questions about instances of fraud, cheating, criminal matters, disciplinary actions initiated by other boards or examination security issues, visit Submit a Complaint​​.

Please note that ARDMS is a certification organization. We are unable to provide guidance regarding the delivery of ultrasound services and related workplace matters. The following organizations may offer information regarding scope of practice:
     • The Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonography (SDMS) 
     • The American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine (AIUM) 
     • The Society for Vascular Ultrasound (SVU)

 ARDMS Compliance Policies

ARDMS Compliance Policies are mandatory standards for all Applicants, Candidates and Registrants/
Certificants seeking to obtain and/or to maintain ARDMS certification. Applicants, Candidates and Registrants/Certificants engaging in violations of the Compliance Policies are subject to sanctions in accordance with policies and procedures established by the Board of Directors.


ARDMS Compliance Policies protect our constituents and patients. They provide increased clarity as to how the Compliance Review Process works and preserve our level of professionalism and credibility for which we are globally recognized.

Click to view our ARDMS Complian​ce Policies.

 Violation Reporting Requirements for Applicants, Candidates and Registrants

​​ARDMS Applicants, Candidates and Registrants/Certificants are required to report their involvement in any incident that constitutes a violation of ARDMS Compliance Policies within 14 business days of the violation incident.

First-time Applicants must disclose information regarding all previous violations of ARDMS Compliance Policies with their initial application for ARDMS examination(s). All future violations must then be reported to us within 14 business days of the violation incident.

We may take action against Applicants, Candidates or Registrants/Certificants  found to have violated ARDMS Compliance Policies. Sanctions may include (but are not limited to) reprimand, censure, suspension of eligibility/certification, revocation of eligibility/certification and certification/eligibility probation.

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 Self-Reporting Documentation Requirements

​​To self-report a violation of ARDMS Compliance Policies, all Applicants, Candidates and Registrants/Certificants are required to submit a written detailed description of the circumstances leading to the violation and the following additional documentation.

​Criminal Matter(s)Disciplinary Action(s)
Official documentation from the presiding court system reflecting:​
     • The initial charges
     • The final judgment (guilty, deferred
       adjudication, pre-trial diversion, etc.)
     • Any sentencing requirements and their
       duration (example: probation for 24 months,
       $500 fine, etc.)
     • Verification that all requirements of
       sentencing have been completed in full; 

       Note: If this documentation is not available
       because the documentation has been
       archived/destroyed/sealed by the presiding
       court system, you must provide an official
       letter on letterhead from the presiding court
       system verifying such.
​Documentation from the certifying/accrediting/ licensing body that issued the disciplinary action reflecting:
     • Circumstances or conduct identified by the
       issuing body as grounds for sanction
     • Conditions and length of sanction (example:
       suspension of license for 24 months, fine,
     • Verification that all terms of sanction have
       been completed and that the sanction has
       been lifted; 

If this documentation is not
       available because the documentation has
       been archived/destroyed/sealed by the
       issuing disciplinary body, you must provide an
       official letter on letterhead from the issuing
       body verifying such.

 Pre-Application Review

​​ARDMS will conduct a "pre-application review" for individuals who wish to determine the impact of a previous criminal proceeding on their eligibility to apply for ARDMS certification. Criminal proceedings include, but are not limited to, conviction or pleas of guilty/nolo contendere to any crime or when a finding of guilt is made or returned in a criminal proceeding but the adjudication of guilt is withheld, deferred, not entered, or the sentence is suspended/stayed (including pre-trial diversion programs).

For more information regarding the Pre-Application Review process or start the process, download the ARDMS Pre-Applicati​​on Re​​que​​st ​Form​​​.

The Pre-Application Review Process is recommended for individuals who are not yet ready to apply for an examination. Individuals who have already completed a program and are ready to apply should simply respond to the questions on the ARDMS examination application relating to violation matters and provide the requested documentation.

 Active Criminal Cases/Disciplinary Sanctions

​First-Time Applicants: All criminal case/disciplinary sanction violation matters must be closed prior to application. This means that all conditions of sentencing/sanction must be completed (including all probation and fines) and that the case has been completely closed or the disciplinary sanction has been lifted in order for the Applicant to proceed with the certification process.

Ineligible applications will be withdrawn and a refund will be processed, minus the $100 USD mandatory Application Processing Fee and $150 USD non-refundable Compliance Review Fee.


     • Pre-Application Review: $125 USD
     • Violation Review for Applicants, Candidates and Registrants: $150 USD

     • Additional fees may be assessed, depending on the level of review required to issue a final

          - Telephonic Hearing: $100 USD
          - In-Person Hearing: $500 USD
          - Appeal Hearing: $500 USD
          - Reinstatement Hearing: $300-$600 USD

Note: All fees are non-refundable without exception.

 Violations Previously Reported to/Reviewed by ARDMS

​You are not required to resubmit documentation or fees if the violation has previously been disclosed and reviewed.

 Review and Processing Time

​Review of reported violations and pre-application requests may take 30 days to six months to be completed. In the event that the violation matter is referred for a compliance hearing, hearings are scheduled quarterly.

Please note that staff cannot comment on or make predictions regarding possible compliance review/ ​hearing outcomes without exception.

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